Welcome to Totally Information – Personal service in the impersonal world of IT.

Totally Information supports organisations, teams and individuals by providing information management solutions.

We listen to you and work to understand your needs, we will create straight-forward, maintainable systems that don’t require expensive consultants to build or manage.

Totally Information specialises in office and personal information systems but we have over 25 years of IT experience to draw on and have worked on every size and scale of project.

Please see the Services page to see exactly what services and technologies we can help you with.

If you would like further information about our services, or simply need to talk to someone about your information issues, please contact us. We are happy to talk and will endeavour to listen to your needs and explain what can be done in your language, not in “IT speak”. There will be no “hard sell”, no obligations and no spam.

The Portfolio page contains a list of some of the previous information projects we have worked on. You can also look at Julian’s IT blog “Much Ado About IT” to see some of the technical stuff that catches our interest or look at Julian’s LinkedIn profile for more information about him.

Totally Information is based in the Crookes area of Sheffield in the UK. We like to help local businesses but are happy to take on work wider afield and have helped customers all over the UK, Switzerland and other countries.

Totally Information is the trading name of Julian Knight.